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MTA Abuse

We are compiling and publishing examples of MTA abuses. If you are aware of examples, please send them to us at: info@MTAtaxpayerAbuse.com

MTA Exorbitant Salaries
MTA’s total personnel expenses amount to approximately 58% of their total expenses. The standard for a transportation business is 35%. This means that there are 23% excessive personnel expenses in their total expenses of $12.3billion. This amounts to $2.8 billion of excessive personnel expenses above the standard. Had the MTA eliminated these excessive personel expenses, the payroll tax never would have been needed.

Excerpt from paragraph 45 of the MTA Payroll Tax Lawsuit -- The MTA continues to pay exorbitant salaries to its workers. A report from the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research dated June 24, 2009, reported the following facts about the MTA's payroll:
"More than 10 percent of the MTA's workforce--8,214 individuals in all--took home $100,000 or more in total pay, including overtime. The MTA's six-figure club included:"

    • 10 employees who earned more than $250,000, averaging $102,000 over their base salaries
    • 44 employees who earned between $200,000 and $250,000, averaging $89,000 over their base salaries
    • 600 employees who earned between $150,000 and $200,000
    • 7,560 individuals who earned between $100,000 and $150,000
    • Eleven of the 654 employees who earned more than $150,000 in 2008 were Long Island Railroad car repairmen who earned an average of $206,000-which was $143,000 over their average base pay rate of $63,000
    • 62 Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad conductors who averaged $83,000 over their base salaries which averaged only $82,000
    • 40 police officers averaging $79,000 over their average base pay of $90,000
    • 39 gang foremen averaging $87,000 over their average base pay of $79,300
    • 30 Long Island Railroad engineers averaging $103,000 over their average base pay of $73,000

MTA's $20 Million Employee Lounge
10/5/2009 – Senator Saland expresses outrage and confusion about the MTA's renovation of a lavish employee lounge at Grand Central Station that will ask $20Million of the "broke" agency. MTA show's that their priorities are not to save money, but spend it. http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/stephen-m-saland

MTA's $7 Million Doghouse
11/23/2009 – Senator Saland expresses outrage on his website about the MTA plan's to buy a $1 Million property in Dutchess County and build a dog facility costing $6 Million. A prime example of MTA's abuse and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/stephen-m-saland



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